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Nichole Nelson-Phillips Book provide self-authored book and educational items for customers of all ages and backgrounds. We also do speaking engagements, readings, panel presentations, and discussions for education, entertainment, self-development, and self-fulfillment.


Our mission is to provide quality but affordable book for education, entertainment, and self-development, enriching, improving, and changing our clients’ lives.


Our vision is to become one of the bookselling household name in America, providing high-quality book and outstanding service at reasonable prices.

Nichole Nelson-Phillips

About Nichole Nelson-Phillips

Nichole Nelson-Phillips is a sought-after business thinker, transformational leader, and empowerment expert. She is the founder of Productive Homecare Services, which services the elderly and disabled in her community, and the founder of Changing Minds Woman support group, which helps women from all walks of life overcome and deal with traumatic abuse.

With her personal life and work experiences, she put together a book to inspire and encourage anyone that has experienced life obstacles and don’t know which way or how to start LIVING LIFE. She is an expert at launching businesses, in which she shares her own personal obstacles and skills to help you succeed in becoming an entrepreneur in her book.

Nichole continues to be a pioneer and trailblazer for women of all color who have experienced life obstacles. Her journey throughout life is what caused her to become an author of her own story in hopes to share with others so that they too can find their path in life. Her goal in life is to continue nurturing and caring for those in need physically as well as mentally. She continues encouraging people to become who they were meant to be in life.